Friday, May 1, 2009

3 months post RELAXER!!!!!!!!

well my natural sistahs i am 3 months post relaxer so far. the transition is a kick in the butt. but i am making it. i'm trying to find different braiding styles to do with my own hair, because i have been researching quite a bit about weaves, certain types of braiding and i don't want to deal with the headache anymore. earlier today i was thinking to myself when i go completley natural i am going to be rocking my own hair, so why not rock my relaxed hair until completley natural. but this is just me. yall do as you please with your hair. but i am really struggling with the transition so if you know any different styles (braiding styles) i can do with my own hair to change up in. please let me know. talk to u all soon. GOD BLESS,

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