Friday, February 4, 2011

getting Healthy 4 my family

well recently i found out some news. but i am claiming healing over my body and it is allready done. i am getting healthy for me and especiallyfor my childen. i want to set a good example for them as well as watch them grow up being healthy as well. in life you get a reality check and that is what i got. and it has shown me what i need to do and take advantage of this now instead of later down the road because it is going to help me succeed in my goal of getting healthy and in shape. pray that i will do well on my healthy journey which i know that i will. GOD BLESS.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

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getting kinky twist

hey to my natural sistah's just thought i would give you a little update on my natural journey. my journey is going well i am getting kinky twist. i am planning on keeping them in for as long as i can. cause right now i am not trying to deal with my hair at the current moment. so i am letting my hair rest and grow for the next couple of months. question how long does it take for the relaxer to grow out? i am thinking about at least a year. the reason i ask is because i still have quite of new growth on one side not much just mostly in the front on the right side. more than i do on the left side. so let me know how i should go about it. should i continue to let it grow out? or should i just clipp a little bit of my perm a little at a time? thanks GOD BLESS,

want to save money

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Friday, May 1, 2009

3 months post RELAXER!!!!!!!!

well my natural sistahs i am 3 months post relaxer so far. the transition is a kick in the butt. but i am making it. i'm trying to find different braiding styles to do with my own hair, because i have been researching quite a bit about weaves, certain types of braiding and i don't want to deal with the headache anymore. earlier today i was thinking to myself when i go completley natural i am going to be rocking my own hair, so why not rock my relaxed hair until completley natural. but this is just me. yall do as you please with your hair. but i am really struggling with the transition so if you know any different styles (braiding styles) i can do with my own hair to change up in. please let me know. talk to u all soon. GOD BLESS,

Thursday, April 9, 2009


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

going through the transition

well i have decided to go natural again because i miss just getting up and not really having to deal with my hair. and i miss being natural. right now i am transitioning and it is really tough,i have never went through this stage of going natural before. i could really use some encouragement right now, so all of my natural sistahs please help me, just hearing your comments and encourageing words will really help me keep going. i will try and continue to keep you all updated on how my transitioning is going. also i had a question? if you don't want to cut your hair throughout your transition will your hair still grow? and will i be completley natural if i let all my perm grow out? please give me your feedback so i know what and what not to do with my hair while going through this hair stage. if you have any tips about great hair care please do tell and any other advice you may have about hair please do share. i am trying to train my hair and trying to get as much information as possible about how to be natural. thanks and GOD BLESS, hope to hear from you.