Tuesday, April 7, 2009

going through the transition

well i have decided to go natural again because i miss just getting up and not really having to deal with my hair. and i miss being natural. right now i am transitioning and it is really tough,i have never went through this stage of going natural before. i could really use some encouragement right now, so all of my natural sistahs please help me, just hearing your comments and encourageing words will really help me keep going. i will try and continue to keep you all updated on how my transitioning is going. also i had a question? if you don't want to cut your hair throughout your transition will your hair still grow? and will i be completley natural if i let all my perm grow out? please give me your feedback so i know what and what not to do with my hair while going through this hair stage. if you have any tips about great hair care please do tell and any other advice you may have about hair please do share. i am trying to train my hair and trying to get as much information as possible about how to be natural. thanks and GOD BLESS, hope to hear from you.


Tori said...

Hey VeganChick! I just wanted to encourage you on your journey. Continue to surround yourself (virtually) with other natural women. There are lots of wonderful blogs and YouTubers who have been there and we're all rooting for you!

NaturallyNewbie said...

Hey VeganChick you can do it especially if you have been natural before you know the benefits and the health of having natural hair. When I first went natural I transitioned for 6 months and couldnt take it anymore I did the braids,weave styles and so much more but I have no regrets and now that I am natural I am loving the new me.